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    Stargent IoT Platform Overview

    Stargent IoT is an Internet of Things solutions company that enables our partners to deploy a wide variety of Plug & Play IoT solutions. Solutions range from Predictive Maintenance, Pest Monitoring, Refrigeration Monitoring, Occupancy / People Counting, Leak Detection, Building Management, Asset Tracking, Lone Worker Safety, Water / Gas / Electric Submetering, Robotics, Building Management, Cold Chain and an endless number of other use cases.  Stargent IoT® can provide many different solutions because the platform was designed from the ground up to easily mix-and-match any LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, WiFi, LTE, Modbus, Bluetooth, Ultrasonic, LiDAR, Laser, BacNET or FLiR device from any hardware manufacturer to create commercial ready Plug & Play solutions.

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Components of Stargent IoT Platform

Plug & Play IoT Solutions

Turnkey solutions that solve unique and complex monitoring challenges by combining plug-and-play hardware with industry-leading monitoring applications, real-time reporting, and contemporaneous SMS text message alerts.

Device Discovery

Discovery, identification, provision and cataloging of available devices, gateways and sensors that are connected to a wireless or wired network. 

Management and Control

Remotely manage, control and update the state of connected devices and sensors and users/groups associated with them through agents installed on phones, computers, tablets, microcontrollers, hubs/gateways, embedded devices and connected through APIs.

Rules Engine

Set rules for real-time actions and alerts based on the state of device or sensor and its incoming data.


View real-time and historical data through line, stacked, pie charts and 2D/3D models. Use data visualization to find patterns and observe trends.

Business Intelligence

Utilize real-time reporting and analytical tools to gain insight on your devices and customers. 

Security Authentication

Secure end-to-end encryption and device authentication process between devices, users, data and the cloud, rendering it unintelligible to unauthorized access.

Real-Time Data Processing

Organize and store data collected from Stargent IoT agents installed on devices and sensors, devices connected through REST APIs and agentless IoT devices.


Schedule actions and commands for devices and sensors. The IoT platform is designed so that scheduled actions and commands happen on a local device even when there is no connectivity.


See real-time status updates on devices, sensors and users through in-app, email and text notifications.  

Customer Service & Marketing Tools

Create marketing opportunities and provide remote customer support.

Authentication & Access Control

Utilize fine-grained access control to user and device resources, categorizing data based on levels of sensitivity. Designed to support objectives such as preventing financial loss and complying with regulatory obligations.

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