Utility applications Intuicom Narrow-band Radios and I/O

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POWER Utilities: Substation and Distribution Automation

Power utilities are driving a grid modernization process that includes substation and Distribution Automation (DA) to achieve a more reliable, resilient, and cost-effective electric system. To realize this process, a reliable, and robust wireless network is required to enable devices to sense the operating conditions of the grid and adjust overall power flow to optimize performance without dispatching an operating crew.

POWER Utilities: Fault Circuit Indicators (Smart Grid operations):

One emerging automation application is Fault Circuit Indicators (FCIs), which are deployed along power lines to detect fault current. If the current defaults on a line with a FCI, it will detect the distance that the current has failed from pole to pole, letting operators pinpoint the location of the fault along the power line. This allows for a faster more efficient response to power outages. When the FCI system is integrated with Intuicom’s EB-X (900 MHz unlicensed radios) or our VUE series licensed radio, the fault data is transmitted miles back to a central location, ensuring fast identification of a fault. Embedding the communication within the FCI prompts a fast response from utility operation and targets the problem along the line, ensuring a more efficient response time, and maximizing uptime.

Related topics that benefit from reliable automation communication:
  •  Smart Breakers
  •  Substation Automation
  •  Remote Site Communications
  •  Smart Grid System Communications

WATER Utilities: Automation, Control and Monitoring

Industrial automation installations come in many shapes and sizes. Applications vary from standalone machines up to large processes, and the operating organization may have just one maintenance person or field an entire engineering group. Typical automation supports the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system. The technicians use their control system automate motors, instruments, controls, tank level monitoring, pumps and other elements of the networked SCADA system. That is where a robust industrial wireless communication solution delivers the connectivity to make this efficient and reliable.

Related topics that benefit from reliable automation communication:
  •  PLC and RTU connectivity
  •  Pump monitoring and control
  •  Remote Site Communication and Control
  •  Tank level, flow meter reading, and other sensor reporting

Addition resource: SCADA and Water Utilities:  How does SCADA Help Water & Wastewater Management


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